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Technology Demonstration Centre

Technology Demonstration Centers are places where different technologies are demonstrated, where R&D can take place, and where people can go to receive training in the production or use of particular technologies. The objective is to spread knowledge on low-cost options focus on hands-on demonstrations.

Technology Demonstration Centers are a very effective way of spreading knowledge on low-cost options in a given region. Because a technology always needs to be adapted to the local circumstances, preferences, materials and skills, in the ideal case each region should have a Technology Demonstration Center. There are not very many Technology Demonstration Centers around the world, and the spread of low-cost technology could receive a significant boost if more would come into being.

Various S & T based projects/programmers for rural areas can be supported under this Category. Various technologies available in scientific institutions are transferred through Govt. organization / non govt. organizations / field groups in the rural areas for skill development and economic up-liftment.

Technology Demonstration Center, in Andhra Pradesh:

This centre provides greater access for technologies for the development of Village Panchayats and contribute to enhancement of rural productivity, and thereby the living standards in the rural areas in line with the Govt. of India’s concepts of Smart Habitations and economic growth. The project is designed to train at least 1.0 lakh rural youth, at least 7 from each of the 12940 village panchayats, and realize the project goals and objectives in 5 years. This technology park facilitates the sustainable development of villages by way of training the rural youth based available resources in collaboration all research institution and educational institution with in the state and country.

Status of the Project:

Proposal is under consideration at Govt. of India



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