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Mobile Science Exhibition

Mobile Science Exhibitions (MSE) are basically science exhibitions on buses based on various themes of science and technology. Mobile Science Exhibition is an attempt to communicate science in rural areas. These buses target the population which is unable to visit any of the science centres. First MSE was launched by Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM), Kolkata, under NCSM at Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ School, Narendrapur (near Kolkata) on 17 November 1965. Since then MSE have been proved as an important tool in communicating science in rural areas. At present 23 MSE buses of different centres of NCSM spread across India, go around the nearby rural areas and communicate science.

Significance: It is successful in creating a scientific awareness in society, in supplementing formal education with non-formal mode of science education, in nurturing scientific temper and creative potential of young people in areas where MSE programmes are conducted.