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Activities of APCOST during 2020-21

The Corona Virus disease was encounter India during March, 2020. The Prime Minister, Govt. of India has declared “Janatha Curfew” on 22.03.2020 and followed by Lockdown from 25.03.2020 to till date in phased manner. In these circumstances, almost all the departments / institutions have conducted their respective programs/ activities through virtual (webinar) meetings. Accordingly APCOST has also conducted our programs through “Webinar”.


World Environment Day PROGRAM has been organized on 05th June, 2020 through Webinar From 12:00 Noon to 01:00 PM. Prof. S. Srinivas, Dr. K. Suresh of Environmental Sciences Department from GITAM University, Visakhapatnam have delivered lecture on the subject. Technical Support has been extended Dr. Venkat Thirupanyam, Principal, Govt. Degree College, Ravulapalem, East Godavari District. Nearly 47 participants from NCSC Teams and Child Scientists have also taken part in the program.


APCOST in association with Learning Links Foundation (LLF), New Delhi have organized “Skill Development Training” and “Digital Wellbeing” through Webinar (02.00PM to 3.00PM) to Teachers and Students separately for district wise with the following Schedule (from 06.07.2020 to 23.07.2020) with technical assistance from MS Teams, of LLF, New Delhi.

Attendees Type
Participants Expected
Participants Attended
1 July 6, 7 Teachers from SKM, VZM & VSP Districts 300-500 Teachers
M: 3394

Girls: 753
Boys: 632

M: 318
2 8, 9 Teachers from EG, WG & Krishna Districts 300-500
3 13,14, Students from 6 districts 1000
4 15,16, Teachers from Guntur, Prakasam, Nellore Districts 300-500
5 20,21 Teachers from Rayalaseema 4 Districts 300-500
6 22,23 Students from 7 districts 1000

Teachers: 5974, Students : 1385, Others : 521 Total : 7880

As per the satisfaction of the participants followed by their requests 3rd day was also continued for “Digital Wellbeing” for all the batches simultaneously. Nearly, 7880 participants have been taken part through personal smart phones.

Meet with Expert:

A Webinar program on “Basic concepts on Pharmacy with Emphasis on COVID-19” has been organized on 26.08.2020 from 02:00 PM to 03:30 PM with the technical support from Sri P. Neelakantaiah, District Coordinator, Chittoor. Prof. R. E. Yugandar, HOD, Department of Pharmacy practice, Santhiram college of Pharmacy, Nandhyal, Kurnool district has delivered a lecture. Nearly 40 Teachers, Students have been interacted with the expert. Participants have expressed their satisfaction as the lecture is quiet relevant to the present pandemic situation and also got many answers for their queries.

Gaming Solutions:

APCOST in association with Learning Links Foundation (LLF), New Delhi have organized “Gaming Solutions” through Webinar (from 4.00PM to 5.00PM) to Teachers and Students separately for district wise with the following Schedule (13.08.2020 to 10.09.2020) with the technical assistance from MS Teams of Learning Links Foundation (LLF), New Delhi. NCSC Teams, FAs of APCOST have coordinated the program.

Participants Category
Participants Expected
Participants Attended
1 August 2020 13, 14 Participants from Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Vishakhapatnam Districts 1200 2724
2 August 2020 19, 20 Participants from East & West Godavari, Krishna Districts 1200 1192
3 August 2020 26, 27 Participants from Guntur, Prakasam, Nellore Districts 1200 2087
4 September 2020 2, 3 Participants from Rayalaseema 4 Districts 1600 1717
5 September 2020 9, 10 Missing Participants (if any) from All the Districts 1800  
  7000 7720

Teachers : 1513, Students : 6230 Total : 7720


As per GoAP orders vide Memo No. EFS01 -COOR/77/2020-SEC-III, Dt. 04.09.2020, APCOST have organized World Ozone Day (WOD) Program on 16th September 2020 through Webinar (YouTube) from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM. Sri S. G. Srinivas, President, Scientific Students Society & Mentor of Change ATL-AIM-NITI Aayog, GoI, have delivered lecture on Theme:¬¬ Ozone For Life - 35 Years Of Ozone Layer Protection & importance of Solar Energy. Technical Support also has been extended by Founder of Scientific Society. Following issues are addressed:

  • Usage of solar appliances for production of electricity.
  • Usage of eco-friendly energy for domestic purpose.
  • Minimize the usage of conventional energy, which emits CFC.
  • Depicts solar energy projects being implemented by GoI.
  • Global warming and its impact on India & Climate Change.
  • Administrated the pledge.

Nearly 258 participants (DCs, DACs, RPs and Child Scientists) from all the districts have also taken part in the program. DCs have coordinated the activity in all aspects.